The British south Asian wedding market is in a continuous growth cycle as more and more Asians are embracing two cultures to make their identity be known to all communities.

Living and being part of the western world is clearly how more than most of the Asian weddings today have taken to using ideas and concepts that were at one time for cultures from another group.


The Indian wedding sector is expected to exceed all other groups in the next few years with the populous countries of the world harboring such residents. The influences of the East will no doubt impact the west and with significant members of these ethnic minorities residing in countries such as the UK.


This dissertation identifies the differences as well as the amalgamation of two cultures impacting and changing the direction of how the British South Asian community is embracing and changing in light of recent digital media platforms.  The dissertation alludes to areas that remain consistent with parental roots and how those that are British are affecting a positive change.

The many areas explored in the dissertation are there to identify and clarify results that show the current and future direction of the South Asian communities. It shows that people today are more aware of the fact that they are more dual culture tagged than those from previous generations.


The dissertation encapsulates the scope of direction, strategy, and influences. The primary and secondary research alludes to thoughts and ideas that these influences project and ultimately drive the sector.

The source gathering and key indicators finally draw the conclusion as to why this growing sector is still expanding and evolving and what the future will hold. The focus being that British south Asian nationals are wanting the fusion of both cultures and not only wanting to please a single culture, but more so creating and embracing a dual culture identity.